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->Umbro Street Campaign / Balance Marketing
-> Brand Development | Marketing Material
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Umbro required a Sub Brand Identity to promote Fashion Designer Kim Jones' new range of clothing for the label. The campaign concepts needed an underground appeal, and could not obviously relate back to the Umbro Brand. Raw Nerve offered its consultation and developed a Street Marketing concept. The design concepts for the UBKJ identity and campaign were inspired by Kim Jones' subtle use of the Umbro logo in his latest range of clothing, combined with underground Street Art techniques. The references to the actual Umbro logo are not immediately obvious, unless you are aware that the Brand is involved in the campaign.

The images were printed on paper, and pasted in strategic locations around local areas in the UK. Paper has been used, as it is temporary and biodegradable. By the time the campaign is over the posters will fade and peel away from the walls. Umbro's own Marketing Team developed the final campaign.

-> Brand Development | CD Booklet | Illustration | Marketing Material | Packaging
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Faith is a collective of djs and producers who run club nights, a fanzine, and put together music compilations. For the 3rd in this series of compilations ‘Faith - Different Strokes for House folks’, we were asked to push the existing brand forwards, and to appeal to a new and younger audience as well as the established crowd who have followed them through the last 15 years. Existing faith iconography has been used within a montage in a graf style stencil, giving the whole look a fresher feel. As well as artwork for both cd and vinyl, we also condensed the highlights of their fanzine into a 64-page booklet which accompanies with the cd.

->Starch Music
-> Brand Identity | Photography
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Starch Music is a London based Hip Hop label and collaboration of MC's, DJ's Writers and Artists. To put it simply they state that they 'make Hip Hop they like', which doesn't include formulaic pop sounding synth beats. Their music is hand crafted in their South London lairs. Raw Nerve created a new brand identity and photographic session for the promotion of their single 'No Windows/Drum Skum', which Hip Hop Connection rated "a stunning debut".

-> Brand Identity | Marketing Material
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Elefest, a four-day film festival held in the Elephant & Castle, celebrates the vast cultural diversity of the area, and features films from as far and wide as Nigeria, Bangladesh, Colombia and Ireland, as well as locally produced work. Elefest is organised by Neon (New Elephant Open Network), a voluntary organisation that aims to keep the creativity of local people at the heart of the Elephant and Castle’s regeneration. To promote the festival Raw Nerve created a strong modern, typographic feel utilising dialogue from the films to highlight the cultural diversity of the programme.

->Anu Pillai
-> Brand Identity | Illustration
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Anu Pillai is a music & sound designer, regularly providing the music for ads for some of the worlds largest brands. He wanted to stand out from the competition, so Raw Nerve took a different approach by using two animal characters which stands out amongst the competition and get Anu noticed. The online presence is currently near completion.