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->K Swiss / Deal Real
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Deal Real approached Raw Nerve to do a photoshoot with Steve 'Tha4orce' Ellington, one of their recording artists, for a joint promotional campaign with K Swiss. The photos will be used for in-store promotions in 5,000 JD Sports and Footlocker stores across the UK, as well as custom scratch cards with K-Swiss purchases. Customers will be able to download the video & single on iTunes for free. Ellington produced the beats for the K-Swiss 'Tomango' promo, which is currently airing on MTV and Channel 4. He is releasing the full single version of this via the Deal Real label alongside a K-Swiss supported music promo. The video is to to aired on MTV, E4 Music, Channel 4, B4, Kiss, Trace TV in May 2006.

->Deptford Market
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Deptford Markets Ltd approached Raw Nerve to designed their proposal for managing the 'Carriage Ramp' retail and market area currently in development by Cathedral beside Deptford Train Station. The bid consisted of an A4 and A3 document, a website and DVD featuring interviews with local residents and businesses in the area. Raw Nerve created much of the visual content, including photography, interviews, illustrations and diagrams.

->Workspace / Tradelink Gifts
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Raw Nerve created a concertina fold booklet and interactive microsite for Workspace. The aim was to generate general awareness of the TradeLink service, increase registrations as well as promoting businesses registered with TradeLink. It was important that the campaign achieved a cohesive visual appearance and was approachable for a broad audience base. Raw Nerve developed a clean and elegant look whereby businesses are given the main focus. Colours have been kept to a minimum so the vibrancy of the showcased companies and products shine through. A clean and un-crowded layout ensures that the products do the talking as well as appealing to the audience.

->Lewisham Council - 'Don't Suffer in Silence'
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The Lewisham Council Environmental Health Enforcement Team receives around 8,000 complaints of nuisance each year, including rubbish, fumes, dust, smells, smoke, and noise. Raw Nerve was asked to create a leaflet, entitled 'Don't Suffer in Silence'. The design uses the strong iconic pop-art style of Roy Lichtenstein to maximise visual impact, which suits the campaign message that noise can have a big impact on health and wellbeing.

->Upstart / Greenwich University
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Greenwich University has launched a new sub-brand called Upstart, a business support scheme that links university leavers or people who want to change their profession and enter the creative industry. Greenwich University approached Raw Nerve to create an identity for the scheme that was simple, fresh and had impact. Raw Nerve also designed a brochure that represented this incubating scheme in a clear and contemporary way.