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Online marketing is a necessity for communicating information about brands, services or products to the widest possible audience. However, having an online presence is simply not enough. In this constantly evolving arena, your website needs to be a challenging and engaging interactive experience. We work with you to identify creative and flexible strategic solutions for marketing and business needs, from immersive environments to sophisticated media distribution platforms and large scale social networks.

We recognise the need for easy access to information, and pride ourselves on building accessible, efficient and innovative technical solutions. Our initiatives enable widespread distribution and sharing of information and media and tools that encourage customer loyalty and interaction.

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->The Blueskins
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In their own words: ‘The Blueskins… no additives, just rock and roll with soul’. Having toured with The Kills, The Blueskins have been steadily spreading their infectious love of music since they sprang out of the Leeds scene in 2003. The band are signed to the illustrious Domino Records. Raw Nerve developed the website with the band's design guru David Malone of MD.

The website was voted in the top 5 band websites by NME in 2003.

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LSK (Leigh Stephen Kenny) is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer based in Leeds. This website was created to promote his album 'Outlaw', a winning mix of Reggae, Punk and UK Garage (comparable with The Streets). Raw Nerve spent some time with the artist, documenting behind the scenes, rehearsals and on tour to create the visual identity for the website. Come of the content has unfortunately been disabled, as LSK has now left the Sony stable to go independent. Recently Leigh produced the Faithless album 'No Roots'.

->Siobhan Fahey
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Siobhan Fahey embarked on her musical career during the 1980s with the band Bananarama, and went on to form Shakespear's Sister with Marcella Detroit. Siobhan wanted to take control of her music, and Raw Nerve created a website which captured her passion for the arts by creating an interactive environment for fans to explore her world. Behind the flash environment lies a bespoke content management system which allows her to easily update content and media files and communicate with her expanding fanbase. Paying subscribers to the website are given unrestricted access to areas such as Siobhan's recording studio, where her latest material and work-in-progress can be downloaded. Fahey currently records, DJs and performs live as a solo artist and her recent output is released independently through the online shop. Recently Siobhan recorded a music promo and single with the infamous underwear brand Agent Provocateur.

The Sunday Mirror rated the website as site of the week in 2003.