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Online marketing is a necessity for communicating information about brands, services or products to the widest possible audience. However, having an online presence is simply not enough. In this constantly evolving arena, your website needs to be a challenging and engaging interactive experience. We work with you to identify creative and flexible strategic solutions for marketing and business needs, from immersive environments to sophisticated media distribution platforms and large scale social networks.

We recognise the need for easy access to information, and pride ourselves on building accessible, efficient and innovative technical solutions. Our initiatives enable widespread distribution and sharing of information and media and tools that encourage customer loyalty and interaction.

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->Andrea Britton
-> Brand Identity | Hosting | Illustration | Microsite
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Andrea has been making music since the tender age of 6. She has performed a solo acoustic gig at the Jazz Café, and recently supported Kylie Minogue on her European tour. She created the title track for the British feature film 'Fakers', and is currently working on her album.

->Apple / Dowcarter
-> Interactive Media | Microsite
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Raw Nerve developed an online interface promoting Apple Macintosh related products to students on behalf of Dowcarter. This was translated into 14 languages and deployed across Apple’s international websites as part of their 2004-2005 campaign.

->Siemens / Dowcarter
-> Interactive Media | Media Presentation | Microsite
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Raw Nerve worked with Dowcarter to create an engaging Interactive Presentation for Siemens. The photo storyline, developed by Dowcarter, features a day-in-the-life of a young professional who makes a journey from London to Portugal to watch Euro 2004. Throughout his journey, the user has the opportunity to interact with hotspots in order to discover information about the diverse range of products and innovations created by Siemens. The Presentation was displayed at various events around the UK, and featured on the Siemens website.

->The Admiral Hardy / Greenwich Inc
-> Brand Development | Photography | Stationary | Website
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Raw Nerve was responsible for creating unique Brand Identities for each of Greenwich Inc’s venues Greenwich, London. The Admiral Hardy is a lively pub packed full of comfortable leather sofas.The laid-back atmosphere, DJs, live music and friendly staff draw a young, fashionable crowd.

->Bar Du Musee
-> Brand Development | Photography | Stationary | Website
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Greenwich Inc owns several bars in the Greenwich area each with a unique atmosphere. Raw Nerve developed the brand identity and commissioned photography of each venue along with individual websites to match the interior design.