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Online marketing is a necessity for communicating information about brands, services or products to the widest possible audience. However, having an online presence is simply not enough. In this constantly evolving arena, your website needs to be a challenging and engaging interactive experience. We work with you to identify creative and flexible strategic solutions for marketing and business needs, from immersive environments to sophisticated media distribution platforms and large scale social networks.

We recognise the need for easy access to information, and pride ourselves on building accessible, efficient and innovative technical solutions. Our initiatives enable widespread distribution and sharing of information and media and tools that encourage customer loyalty and interaction.

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Raw Nerve has been supporting Demeter since the band was first created, providing websites as well as visuals for their performances. The band has now signed to Ark Records, and has set up a brand new recording studio. The creative duo behind the concept are Seattle born singer Anna Mercedes and London bred electronic innovator Andy Chatterley. Their sound is epic, compulsive and enigmatic. Demeter are as strikingly visual as they are musically experimental, and Raw Nerve created an online brand to match. Demeter’s second video Pleasure Island, Directed by Corine Stubi, is featured on the website.

->Alice McLaughlin
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In the age of the processed diva and stage school chanteuse, the “live it like you sing it” songstress is a rare thing. Thankfully, Alice McLaughlin is here to buck the trend. Currently ambling around the American deep south – en route to San Francisco – Alice needed a website to promote and record her musical movements stateside. We opened her prized song book and built a world inside based on her own forest-fuelled imagination!

->Renewal Group
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Renewal is a property development company that creates quality housing and creative live/work spaces, with an aim to make a real difference for those who live in and around the community. The company, which focuses in the regeneration of areas such as Deptford and New Cross, recognises its responsibility in the creation of new communities and developments that bridge social, cultural and environmental issues. Raw Nerve created the Brand Identity with an accessibility friendly Website.

->RUOK Clothing
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RUOK Clothing was created by young rising fashion designer Emile Carr. Raw Nerve created this website to showcase his couture range of clothing. The company features many of the hottest talents from London College of Fashion, and has been featured in many fashion shows and the press.

->Penguin Books / Dowcarter
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Raw Nerve worked closely with Dowcarter’s Design Team and Content Management Developers to develop interactive online catalogues for Penguin Books, Penguin Press and Puffin. Joanna Prior, publicity and marketing director at Penguin, said: “We all feel that this new site is a brilliant showcase for our new season’s lists and has the potential to generate excitement and interest in our books amongst a larger audience than ever before.”