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Online marketing is a necessity for communicating information about brands, services or products to the widest possible audience. However, having an online presence is simply not enough. In this constantly evolving arena, your website needs to be a challenging and engaging interactive experience. We work with you to identify creative and flexible strategic solutions for marketing and business needs, from immersive environments to sophisticated media distribution platforms and large scale social networks.

We recognise the need for easy access to information, and pride ourselves on building accessible, efficient and innovative technical solutions. Our initiatives enable widespread distribution and sharing of information and media and tools that encourage customer loyalty and interaction.

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->Freelance Hellraiser
-> Brand Development | Illustration | Website
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Raw Nerve designed and produced The Freelance Hellraiser website for Sony. The site centres around a personna for the hellraiser, a futuristic troubadour travelling the galaxy, his garb a mish mash of things found on his travels and his guise - a hare's head. The aim was to strike the balance between the future technologies and an earthy grounding to his character. The site is all about exploration, as you click on sections of his body you zoom in on different areas to reveal more detail. The site is enhanced with sound and interactive animations, as well as a detachable jukebox where you can listen to all the hellraiser tracks.

->Natural History Museum
-> Brand Development | Interactive Media | Motion Graphics
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This animation was part of Raw Nerve's pitch for the Natural History Museum. This example demonstrate how our proposed logo could be animated for an exhibition aimed at children.

->Three Banner Advert / Exposure
-> Banners
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Constucted for the the mobile phone company Three on behalf of Exposure, this Banner Advert was designed for use on websites mainly targeting the students market.

->Deptford Design / London Design Festival
-> Brand Identity | Hosting | Website
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Raw Nerve has designed the Brand Identity, Website and Marketing Materials for the Deptford Design Festival for the last two years. In 2005 the participants, companies and artists based in Deptford, created a book with the question 'What's So Great About SE8?'. The website showcases work from the book, information about each participant and provides information about where it can be purchased. The design remains simple but fresh so as not to conflict with the many different styles of the 22 contributors. The navigation is also designed to be simple and easy to use.

->The Princes Trust / English National Opera
-> Brand Development | E-Flyer
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In December the English National Opera is staging Madam Butterfly, directed by Anthony Minghella, with 12 performances through November and December and culminating with a charity performance in aid of The Prince's Trust and ENO's Young Singers Programme, on December 16th. Raw Nerve has created an animated banner to promote the performance to sit on their website. Visually fresh and uncluttered the banner gives information about the event and booking details.