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Online marketing is a necessity for communicating information about brands, services or products to the widest possible audience. However, having an online presence is simply not enough. In this constantly evolving arena, your website needs to be a challenging and engaging interactive experience. We work with you to identify creative and flexible strategic solutions for marketing and business needs, from immersive environments to sophisticated media distribution platforms and large scale social networks.

We recognise the need for easy access to information, and pride ourselves on building accessible, efficient and innovative technical solutions. Our initiatives enable widespread distribution and sharing of information and media and tools that encourage customer loyalty and interaction.

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->Marsipan / Earthly Delights Films
-> Brand Development | Interactive Media | Motion Graphics | Website
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Earthly Delights Films approached Raw Nerve to develop a highly engaging and interactive website for publishing broadband videos of their animated spoof space adventure series 'Marsipan'. Behind the interactive Flash environment lies a powerful media publishing and distribution system, which gives the client complete control over all aspects of site, and provides their audience with the tools to effectively redistribute the content to their own networks.

->Workspace Online Bazaar
-> Brand Development | Game | Interactive Media | Microsite
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Workspace Group is London’s leading provider of flexible, affordable business space to small businesses. Workspace owns and manages more than 100 business centres, each one a buzzing, thriving example of London’s small business community. The Bazaar is a showcase of this vibrant community. Raw Nerve designed and developed this highly interactive, rich media website. The user can explore various rooftop scenes to view Workspace businesses Christmas promotions as well as access their websites. There is also an online game where Father Christmas is catapulted into the air trying aiming for chimneystacks where a unique experience awaits him at each one. Search for the arcade machine to play the game... (or simply click the second link below)

->Tradelink microsite
-> Microsite | Online Marketing Material
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Raw Nerve created an interactive microsite for Workspace. The aim was to generate general awareness of the TradeLink service, increase registrations as well as promoting businesses registered with TradeLink. It was important that the campaign achieved a cohesive visual appearance and was approachable for a broad audience base. Raw Nerve developed a microsite called 'The Store at TradeLink'. The user enters a virtual shopping centre where they can browse the offerings of selected Tradelink customers.

->Up Against It - a public art competition for City Growth
-> Brand Concept | Hosting | Website
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City Growth approached Raw Nerve to put forward a strategy to promote the Deptford area as an exciting place for creativity, and is home to a diverse and dynamic creative industry. The idea for a public art competition stemmed from Raw Nerve's initial consultation with City Growth about how best to represent the area.

Raw Nerve developed the public art competition concept, as well as creating the brand identity, marketing materials and project managing the competition. The winning artwork will be displayed on Deptford High Street opposite Deptford Station SE8. The website is now open for entries and voting.

->Challenge Events / The Prince's Trust
-> Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Online Marketing Material
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Raw Nerve created an online marketing campaign for The Prince's Trust featuring a 'stick man' character who is bored at work, and goes on an exhilarating adventure. The aim was motivate young people to challenge themselves while helping others by signing up to do adventurous activities in order to raise money for charity.