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Having a strong and effective brand identity has never been more essential. Your brand tells the customer who you are, and helps too for the perception and expectations of your business.

To create an effective brand, we first make sure we understand you: what you do, who your customers are, and what they want. Then we develop a consistent visual language that captures your essence and ensures you stand out from your competitors.

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Chango was the first Latin music event at London's legendary nightclub Ministry of Sound. The organisers, DJs and dancers came directly from the heart and soul of the Latin community, and the event was an authentic blend of Latin cultures, including music and dance from Cuba, Colombia and Brazil. Raw Nerve created the brand identity for promotion of the launch event.

->Duracell / Balance Marketing
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Duracell has launched a new Sub Brand called Duracell Powerhouse, which has been doing the festival circuit throughout summer 2005. The glowing black and copper battery-shaped dome showcased some of the best talent on the music scene, including Scratch Perverts, Freestylers and the Stanton Warriors. Balance Marketing approached Raw Nerve to create an identity which represents the music experience along with the associated range of marketing materials and merchandise such as Bags, Wristbands, T-Shirts, Slip Mats, Tent Interior Design.

->Fusion / Arts Council & Leaside Regeneration
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FUSION is a major cultural programme covering events in South East and East London throughout November 2004-March 2006. Sponsored by the Arts Council and Millennium Commission, FUSION embraces the extraordinary artistic and cultural diversity, and creative innovation to be found both in South East and East London as well as the physical regeneration of the regions.

->Urban Music Festival 2005 / Nokia & The Prince’s Trust
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The Prince’s Trust invited Raw Nerve for the second year running to design the Brand Identity for The Nokia Urban Music Festival (UMF) in 2005. The festival, held at London’s Earls Court, is the UK’s largest celebration of urban culture to date. The events have played host to an amazing selection of world’s top Hip Hop and R&B; acts including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Will Smith, Mos Def, Alicia Keys, De La Soul, Dizzee Rascal, Estelle, The Streets, Ty, and Kila Kela, The main events, which have attracted audiences of 40,000 young people, present a variety of urban activities such as breakdance, B-Boy and MC Battles, DJs, workshops, beatboxing, urban art and other activities. UMF is also a platform for unsigned artists to showcase their talents.

->Dean Marsh Solicitors
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Dean Marsh are a leading firm of Entertainment Lawyers representing some of the most dynamic and successful companies in the country and abroad. Raw Nerve worked with them to create a new Brand called Jumpstart, which uses insider-knowledge to give up-and-coming talent the leads needed to take their music straight to the heart of the business.