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Below is a selection of 5 recent projects. Further examples can be found in the Brand, Online, Motion, Print and Internal sections of the site.

->Marsipan / Earthly Delights Films
-> Brand Development | Interactive Media | Motion Graphics | Website
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Earthly Delights Films approached Raw Nerve to develop a highly engaging and interactive website for publishing broadband videos of their animated spoof space adventure series 'Marsipan'. Behind the interactive Flash environment lies a powerful media publishing and distribution system, which gives the client complete control over all aspects of site, and provides their audience with the tools to effectively redistribute the content to their own networks.

->RSVP London
-> Brand Concept | Hosting | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Newsletter | Photography | Website
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RSVP London, a social networking initiative by the team at Raw Nerve, is a showcase for creative talents that enables interconnectivity between businesses, individuals and organisations. The project was launched in the Deptford, Greenwich and Lewisham Hub area in 2005 as a series of quarterly networking events bringing together a diverse range of creative industries in informal and relaxed settings.

The new website is a fully functioning resource with features that include a fully searchable creative services directory, media galleries and a community blog where members can publish information about exhibition, events and services,

->ITV Creative Identity
-> Booklet | Brand Identity | Illustration | Marketing Material | Merchandise
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ITV Creative approached Raw Nerve to develop its brand identity and marketing materials. The aim was to reflect the creative energy of the department while representing a complementary but imaginative development of ITV's new corporate identity. The team felt it was not being utilised effectively and needed to demonstrate the range of exciting promos, idents and stings that have been produced. The designs are being implemented across marketing materials and merchandising. The youthfulness of the boy illustration reflects that ITV Creative is still a growing and expanding sub-brand of the ITV parent.

->Life Is Suite
-> Illustration | Interiors
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'Life Is Suite' is a sofa discovered in the back streets of Deptford. It has been re-upholstered so that imprinted on it, like a memory, are all the imagined stories of its life so far. To read the stories the sofa has to be explored and interacted with, lifting cushions to reveal tales and listening to sounds coming from deep within, which unravel the intimate secrets of its past.

'Life Is Suite' is currently being exhibited at Cherry Picked, in Royal Exchange (see the Cherry Picked link below).

->Brit Awards 2006 for ITV Creative
-> Illustration | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Post-Production | Sound Design
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Raw Nerve has been commissioned by ITV to create promotions for the forthcoming Brit Awards. The objective is to build hype about the biggest music awards in the UK, and attract over 6 million viewers. The theme is about saying 'thank you for the music' and features a combination of contemporary visuals with energetic animations of previous winners, which are cut and mixed over a seamless soundtrack of some of the biggest tunes from the past 12 months. The artwork has also been adapted for print advertising of the event.