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-> Chris Paton
-> Interactive Developer | Motion Graphics | Web Developer
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Chris, a long-term member of the team, is an interactive web developer and animator who specialises in Flash, CSS e-flyers and banners. Chris has a unique sense of humour, which is often injected into his work

Below are some examples of commercial and personal projects this Team Member has recently worked on

->Marsipan / Earthly Delights Films
-> Brand Development | Interactive Media | Motion Graphics | Website
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Earthly Delights Films approached Raw Nerve to develop a highly engaging and interactive website for publishing broadband videos of their animated spoof space adventure series 'Marsipan'. Behind the interactive Flash environment lies a powerful media publishing and distribution system, which gives the client complete control over all aspects of site, and provides their audience with the tools to effectively redistribute the content to their own networks.

->Workspace Online Bazaar
-> Brand Development | Game | Interactive Media | Microsite
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Workspace Group is London’s leading provider of flexible, affordable business space to small businesses. Workspace owns and manages more than 100 business centres, each one a buzzing, thriving example of London’s small business community. The Bazaar is a showcase of this vibrant community. Raw Nerve designed and developed this highly interactive, rich media website. The user can explore various rooftop scenes to view Workspace businesses Christmas promotions as well as access their websites. There is also an online game where Father Christmas is catapulted into the air trying aiming for chimneystacks where a unique experience awaits him at each one. Search for the arcade machine to play the game... (or simply click the second link below)

->The Players Association
-> Brand Identity | CMS | Hosting | Marketing Material | Newsletter | Website
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The tools for music production and audio mixing are becoming more affordable and accessible, while the range of equipment is constantly expanding and evolving with demand. DJs now have the opportunity to mix with Vinyl Turntables, CD Mixers, MP3 players, Samplers and Laptops.

The Players Association is an initiative conceived and developed by the team at Raw Nerve. The online resource allows established and emerging DJs alike to upload and share mixes for free and gain international exposure to music lovers from around the globe. The site is among the first DJ portals to offer an integrated search engine, enabling the user to search for musical genres as well as individual tracks by artist or song name.

There is no other DJ Mix website on the market that offers this combination of resources.

Dirk Waldik, the technical lead on the project, was one of the developers responsible for Audioscrobbler, a powerful community mapping tool behind the popular internet radio site Last.FM. The Audioscrobbler system is a database that tracks listening habits and calculates relationships and recommendations based on the music people listen to.

->Freelance Hellraiser
-> Brand Development | Illustration | Website
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Raw Nerve designed and produced The Freelance Hellraiser website for Sony. The site centres around a personna for the hellraiser, a futuristic troubadour travelling the galaxy, his garb a mish mash of things found on his travels and his guise - a hare's head. The aim was to strike the balance between the future technologies and an earthy grounding to his character. The site is all about exploration, as you click on sections of his body you zoom in on different areas to reveal more detail. The site is enhanced with sound and interactive animations, as well as a detachable jukebox where you can listen to all the hellraiser tracks.

->Three Banner Advert / Exposure
-> Banners
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Constucted for the the mobile phone company Three on behalf of Exposure, this Banner Advert was designed for use on websites mainly targeting the students market.

->Natural History Museum
-> Brand Development | Interactive Media | Motion Graphics
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This animation was part of Raw Nerve's pitch for the Natural History Museum. This example demonstrate how our proposed logo could be animated for an exhibition aimed at children.

->The Princes Trust / English National Opera
-> Brand Development | E-Flyer
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In December the English National Opera is staging Madam Butterfly, directed by Anthony Minghella, with 12 performances through November and December and culminating with a charity performance in aid of The Prince's Trust and ENO's Young Singers Programme, on December 16th. Raw Nerve has created an animated banner to promote the performance to sit on their website. Visually fresh and uncluttered the banner gives information about the event and booking details.

-> Brand Identity | Illustration | Microsite | Motion Graphics
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Raw Nerve has been supporting Demeter since the band was first created, providing websites as well as visuals for their performances. The band has now signed to Ark Records, and has set up a brand new recording studio. The creative duo behind the concept are Seattle born singer Anna Mercedes and London bred electronic innovator Andy Chatterley. Their sound is epic, compulsive and enigmatic. Demeter are as strikingly visual as they are musically experimental, and Raw Nerve created an online brand to match. Demeter’s second video Pleasure Island, Directed by Corine Stubi, is featured on the website.

->Alice McLaughlin
-> Brand Identity | Illustration | Microsite
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In the age of the processed diva and stage school chanteuse, the “live it like you sing it” songstress is a rare thing. Thankfully, Alice McLaughlin is here to buck the trend. Currently ambling around the American deep south – en route to San Francisco – Alice needed a website to promote and record her musical movements stateside. We opened her prized song book and built a world inside based on her own forest-fuelled imagination!

->Renewal Group
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Renewal is a property development company that creates quality housing and creative live/work spaces, with an aim to make a real difference for those who live in and around the community. The company, which focuses in the regeneration of areas such as Deptford and New Cross, recognises its responsibility in the creation of new communities and developments that bridge social, cultural and environmental issues. Raw Nerve created the Brand Identity with an accessibility friendly Website.

->Siemens / Dowcarter
-> Interactive Media | Media Presentation | Microsite
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Raw Nerve worked with Dowcarter to create an engaging Interactive Presentation for Siemens. The photo storyline, developed by Dowcarter, features a day-in-the-life of a young professional who makes a journey from London to Portugal to watch Euro 2004. Throughout his journey, the user has the opportunity to interact with hotspots in order to discover information about the diverse range of products and innovations created by Siemens. The Presentation was displayed at various events around the UK, and featured on the Siemens website.

->The Admiral Hardy / Greenwich Inc
-> Brand Development | Photography | Stationary | Website
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Raw Nerve was responsible for creating unique Brand Identities for each of Greenwich Inc’s venues Greenwich, London. The Admiral Hardy is a lively pub packed full of comfortable leather sofas.The laid-back atmosphere, DJs, live music and friendly staff draw a young, fashionable crowd.

->Bar Du Musee
-> Brand Development | Photography | Stationary | Website
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Greenwich Inc owns several bars in the Greenwich area each with a unique atmosphere. Raw Nerve developed the brand identity and commissioned photography of each venue along with individual websites to match the interior design.

->Greenwich Inc
-> Booklet | Brand Development | Brand Identity | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Stationary | Website
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Raw Nerve has an ongoing relationship with Greenwich Inc, and has developed the parent and sub brands each with their own distinctive style. The client wanted to consolidate the brand identities for each of its venues, and exploit the potential of the Internet. Raw Nerve undertook a comprehensive brand audit, in order to understand just what made each venue special.

->Zombie Disco
-> Brand Concept | Brand Identity | E-Flyer | Hosting | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Newsletter | Online Marketing Material | Website
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Zombie Disco is the mutant brainchild of Upsidown and Raw Nerve, who share a passion for music and have years of DJ and promotion experience. The nights, which have been going for the past 18 months across some of London's most reputable night clubs including Cargo and 93 Feet East, and a residency in Deptford's infamous underground spot Bubblegum. The Guardian Guide has rated the night in its top 5, while Time Out rated the night at Cargo featuring innovative electro funk band Spektrum in its top ten music events. The striking visual identity has been developed for posters, flyers, VJ visuals, badges, stickers and mix CDs and have become collectable items. The 2000 and growing database receives regular viral e-flyers, while the website features DJ mixes and video out takes featuring out-takes featuring the "rejects from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video".