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-> Jamie Paton
-> Creative Director | Graphic Design | Illustration | Website Designer
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Jamie, a Brand specialist with 8 years industry experience, develops highly creative communications strategies and design treatments across multiple platforms. Jamie is also a seasoned DJ, and has set up a number of club nights which tour across the UK.

Below are some examples of commercial and personal projects this Team Member has recently worked on

->Camden Lock
-> Book | Booklet | Marketing Material | Photography
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Camden Lock required a new booklet to promote the canalside heritage site. They were keen to represent craftspeople at work, food, recycling and ethical trading. Raw Nerve responded with photography and copy-writing which captured the essence of the bustling vibrant marketplace and iconic landmarks, which was then complimented by stylish and informative design. "The response has been fantastic!! Not just from tenants, but from pretty much anyone I show it to. It's by far the best piece of promotional material we've ever had!" William Fulford, Camden Lock Market Director

->Good Luck Studio!
-> Brand Identity | Illustration | Marketing Material
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Good Luck Studio! - is a club night in London's Shoreditch venue Sosho, which features some of the world's biggest record producers spinning the tracks which inspire them most. Each month features guest producers who have masterminded tracks for the likes of Stone Roses, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, New Order, Primal Scream, The Verve, Bloc Party and Snow Patrol. Raw Nerve designed the brand identity and marketing material for the event. Posters and flyers feature the face of each guest DJ, which is illustrated from a montage of musical equipment.

->ITV Creative Identity
-> Booklet | Brand Identity | Illustration | Marketing Material | Merchandise
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ITV Creative approached Raw Nerve to develop its brand identity and marketing materials. The aim was to reflect the creative energy of the department while representing a complementary but imaginative development of ITV's new corporate identity. The team felt it was not being utilised effectively and needed to demonstrate the range of exciting promos, idents and stings that have been produced. The designs are being implemented across marketing materials and merchandising. The youthfulness of the boy illustration reflects that ITV Creative is still a growing and expanding sub-brand of the ITV parent.

->The Players Association
-> Brand Identity | CMS | Hosting | Marketing Material | Newsletter | Website
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The tools for music production and audio mixing are becoming more affordable and accessible, while the range of equipment is constantly expanding and evolving with demand. DJs now have the opportunity to mix with Vinyl Turntables, CD Mixers, MP3 players, Samplers and Laptops.

The Players Association is an initiative conceived and developed by the team at Raw Nerve. The online resource allows established and emerging DJs alike to upload and share mixes for free and gain international exposure to music lovers from around the globe. The site is among the first DJ portals to offer an integrated search engine, enabling the user to search for musical genres as well as individual tracks by artist or song name.

There is no other DJ Mix website on the market that offers this combination of resources.

Dirk Waldik, the technical lead on the project, was one of the developers responsible for Audioscrobbler, a powerful community mapping tool behind the popular internet radio site Last.FM. The Audioscrobbler system is a database that tracks listening habits and calculates relationships and recommendations based on the music people listen to.

->Life Is Suite
-> Illustration | Interiors
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'Life Is Suite' is a sofa discovered in the back streets of Deptford. It has been re-upholstered so that imprinted on it, like a memory, are all the imagined stories of its life so far. To read the stories the sofa has to be explored and interacted with, lifting cushions to reveal tales and listening to sounds coming from deep within, which unravel the intimate secrets of its past.

'Life Is Suite' is currently being exhibited at Cherry Picked, in Royal Exchange (see the Cherry Picked link below).

->Brit Awards 2006 for ITV Creative
-> Illustration | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Post-Production | Sound Design
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Raw Nerve has been commissioned by ITV to create promotions for the forthcoming Brit Awards. The objective is to build hype about the biggest music awards in the UK, and attract over 6 million viewers. The theme is about saying 'thank you for the music' and features a combination of contemporary visuals with energetic animations of previous winners, which are cut and mixed over a seamless soundtrack of some of the biggest tunes from the past 12 months. The artwork has also been adapted for print advertising of the event.

->Freelance Hellraiser
-> Brand Development | Illustration | Website
© Raw Nerve© Raw Nerve© Raw Nerve

Raw Nerve designed and produced The Freelance Hellraiser website for Sony. The site centres around a personna for the hellraiser, a futuristic troubadour travelling the galaxy, his garb a mish mash of things found on his travels and his guise - a hare's head. The aim was to strike the balance between the future technologies and an earthy grounding to his character. The site is all about exploration, as you click on sections of his body you zoom in on different areas to reveal more detail. The site is enhanced with sound and interactive animations, as well as a detachable jukebox where you can listen to all the hellraiser tracks.

->Deptford Design / London Design Festival
-> Brand Identity | Hosting | Website
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Raw Nerve has designed the Brand Identity, Website and Marketing Materials for the Deptford Design Festival for the last two years. In 2005 the participants, companies and artists based in Deptford, created a book with the question 'What's So Great About SE8?'. The website showcases work from the book, information about each participant and provides information about where it can be purchased. The design remains simple but fresh so as not to conflict with the many different styles of the 22 contributors. The navigation is also designed to be simple and easy to use.

->Queen Elizabeth Hospital
-> Book | Marketing Material | Photography
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The Queen Elizabeth Hospital commissioned Raw Nerve to create a book entitled "Stories of Difference", which demonstrates the range and diversity of people working at the hospital. Selected members of staff were photographed and interviewed about their experiences as part of a programme to encourage debate and discussion about inclusion and diversity, and to develop a culture of respect and dignity. In addition Raw Nerve designed posters based on sections from the book to decorate public spaces at the hospital.

->Alice McLaughlin
-> Brand Identity | Illustration | Microsite
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In the age of the processed diva and stage school chanteuse, the “live it like you sing it” songstress is a rare thing. Thankfully, Alice McLaughlin is here to buck the trend. Currently ambling around the American deep south – en route to San Francisco – Alice needed a website to promote and record her musical movements stateside. We opened her prized song book and built a world inside based on her own forest-fuelled imagination!

->Duracell / Balance Marketing
-> Banners | Brand Development | Interiors | Marketing Material | Packaging
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Duracell has launched a new Sub Brand called Duracell Powerhouse, which has been doing the festival circuit throughout summer 2005. The glowing black and copper battery-shaped dome showcased some of the best talent on the music scene, including Scratch Perverts, Freestylers and the Stanton Warriors. Balance Marketing approached Raw Nerve to create an identity which represents the music experience along with the associated range of marketing materials and merchandise such as Bags, Wristbands, T-Shirts, Slip Mats, Tent Interior Design.

->Disco Sucks
-> Brand Identity | Illustration | Packaging
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Coming from a man who has supported and reported the rise and rise of the dj from day one, but who would rather remain anonymous, the label Disco Sucks captures the best bits of disco and funk gone by and adds a contemporary edge with a cheeky edit here and there.

->Fusion / Arts Council & Leaside Regeneration
-> Brand Identity
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FUSION is a major cultural programme covering events in South East and East London throughout November 2004-March 2006. Sponsored by the Arts Council and Millennium Commission, FUSION embraces the extraordinary artistic and cultural diversity, and creative innovation to be found both in South East and East London as well as the physical regeneration of the regions.

-> Brand Development | CD Booklet | Illustration | Marketing Material | Packaging
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Faith is a collective of djs and producers who run club nights, a fanzine, and put together music compilations. For the 3rd in this series of compilations ‘Faith - Different Strokes for House folks’, we were asked to push the existing brand forwards, and to appeal to a new and younger audience as well as the established crowd who have followed them through the last 15 years. Existing faith iconography has been used within a montage in a graf style stencil, giving the whole look a fresher feel. As well as artwork for both cd and vinyl, we also condensed the highlights of their fanzine into a 64-page booklet which accompanies with the cd.

->Zombie Disco
-> Brand Concept | Brand Identity | E-Flyer | Hosting | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Newsletter | Online Marketing Material | Website
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Zombie Disco is the mutant brainchild of Upsidown and Raw Nerve, who share a passion for music and have years of DJ and promotion experience. The nights, which have been going for the past 18 months across some of London's most reputable night clubs including Cargo and 93 Feet East, and a residency in Deptford's infamous underground spot Bubblegum. The Guardian Guide has rated the night in its top 5, while Time Out rated the night at Cargo featuring innovative electro funk band Spektrum in its top ten music events. The striking visual identity has been developed for posters, flyers, VJ visuals, badges, stickers and mix CDs and have become collectable items. The 2000 and growing database receives regular viral e-flyers, while the website features DJ mixes and video out takes featuring out-takes featuring the "rejects from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video".

->Makilee Interior Design
-> Booklet | Brand Identity | Marketing Material | Stationary | Website
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Leading Interior Designers Makilee chose Raw Nerve to develop its brand identity. The use of neutral colours and curved corners complimented the striking interior photographs. Makilee designs original stlye conscious and contemporary interiors, and specialise in bars and clubs across the UK including Babushka , Bed Bar and Nylon where ITV’s "The Club" was filmed.

->Anu Pillai
-> Brand Identity | Illustration
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Anu Pillai is a music & sound designer, regularly providing the music for ads for some of the worlds largest brands. He wanted to stand out from the competition, so Raw Nerve took a different approach by using two animal characters which stands out amongst the competition and get Anu noticed. The online presence is currently near completion.