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Tomohide is an interdisciplinary designer who places an emphasis on Communication Design and Design Theory. He has completed an MA in Design Futures at Goldsmiths College where his thesis concentrated on new possibilities of relations in design and design strategy. Tomohide has worked in various design projects in Japan and London from exhibition design, digital and graphic design.

Below are some examples of commercial and personal projects this Team Member has recently worked on

->Deptford Design 06
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Now in its fourth year, The Deptford Design Festival has become a firm local fixture, linking Deptford to the London Design Festival. Raw Nerve designed and edited the DD06 newspaper and website which accompanies the fesitval with an eclectic offering from some of London's finest designers. This weekend 18 local design practises, including Raw Nerve, will be showcasing their work in the Creekside area.

->Deptford Design / London Design Festival
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Raw Nerve has designed the Brand Identity, Website and Marketing Materials for the Deptford Design Festival for the last two years. In 2005 the participants, companies and artists based in Deptford, created a book with the question 'What's So Great About SE8?'. The website showcases work from the book, information about each participant and provides information about where it can be purchased. The design remains simple but fresh so as not to conflict with the many different styles of the 22 contributors. The navigation is also designed to be simple and easy to use.