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-> Alex McFadyen
-> Application Programer | Databases | Online Systems | Senior Web Developer | Web Developer
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Alex is an experienced web developer who creates efficient and innovative technical solutions. His core abilities lie in complex database modelling, artificial intelligence systems, and researching emerging technologies. Alex communicates and enforces coding standards, and has also been assisting in the development of a number of open source projects.

Below are some examples of commercial and personal projects this Team Member has recently worked on

->Up Against It - a public art competition for City Growth
-> Brand Concept | Hosting | Website
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City Growth approached Raw Nerve to put forward a strategy to promote the Deptford area as an exciting place for creativity, and is home to a diverse and dynamic creative industry. The idea for a public art competition stemmed from Raw Nerve's initial consultation with City Growth about how best to represent the area.

Raw Nerve developed the public art competition concept, as well as creating the brand identity, marketing materials and project managing the competition. The winning artwork will be displayed on Deptford High Street opposite Deptford Station SE8. The website is now open for entries and voting.

->Digby Nelson
-> CMS | Hosting | Website
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Raw Nerve designed a Website with e-commerce facilities for Digby Nelson, who design and make utility chic. The company specialises in versatile linen and cotton aprons for adults and children, practical and tactile utility bags. The understanding of costume, textiles and passion for simplicity of design gives Digby Nelson products their unique qualities.

->The Players Association
-> Brand Identity | CMS | Hosting | Marketing Material | Newsletter | Website
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The tools for music production and audio mixing are becoming more affordable and accessible, while the range of equipment is constantly expanding and evolving with demand. DJs now have the opportunity to mix with Vinyl Turntables, CD Mixers, MP3 players, Samplers and Laptops.

The Players Association is an initiative conceived and developed by the team at Raw Nerve. The online resource allows established and emerging DJs alike to upload and share mixes for free and gain international exposure to music lovers from around the globe. The site is among the first DJ portals to offer an integrated search engine, enabling the user to search for musical genres as well as individual tracks by artist or song name.

There is no other DJ Mix website on the market that offers this combination of resources.

Dirk Waldik, the technical lead on the project, was one of the developers responsible for Audioscrobbler, a powerful community mapping tool behind the popular internet radio site Last.FM. The Audioscrobbler system is a database that tracks listening habits and calculates relationships and recommendations based on the music people listen to.

->Freelance Hellraiser
-> Brand Development | Illustration | Website
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Raw Nerve designed and produced The Freelance Hellraiser website for Sony. The site centres around a personna for the hellraiser, a futuristic troubadour travelling the galaxy, his garb a mish mash of things found on his travels and his guise - a hare's head. The aim was to strike the balance between the future technologies and an earthy grounding to his character. The site is all about exploration, as you click on sections of his body you zoom in on different areas to reveal more detail. The site is enhanced with sound and interactive animations, as well as a detachable jukebox where you can listen to all the hellraiser tracks.

->The Freelance Hellraiser
-> Brand Identity | Illustration | Microsite
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The Freelance Hellraiser is known for his cut-and-paste style DJ sets, remixes and music production. This was reflected graphically in the design of his website. ‘A Stroke Of Genius’ (his bootleg remix of ‘Hard To Explain’ by The Strokes, and Christina Aguilera’s ‘Genie In A Bottle’) became one of the global underground hits of 2001.