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-> Jason Bennett
-> Art Director | Graphic Design | Illustration | Motion Graphics | Photography | Post-Production
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Jason is a Motion Graphics specialist who creates Short Films, Title Sequences, Graphic Animations, and Post-Production for Music Promos. He is fanatical about photography, film and Japanese anime. Recent he exhibited a digital art collaboration with photographer Kofi Allen at the Brixton Graphics Show 2005.

Below are some examples of commercial and personal projects this Team Member has recently worked on

->Latin American Film Festival
-> Brand Development | Media Presentation | Motion Graphics | Sonic Branding
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Raw Nerve was commissioned by The 14th Latin American Film Festival to create a promotional video sequence featuring a selection of films with animated idents of the brand. The video was shown at various events in the run up to the festival, as well as introducing films during the 2004 festival at the Curzon Soho London.

-> Interactive Installation | Motion Graphics | Video Production
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Originally created for our entry in The Deptford Design Festival 04, DigiScope is based on the penny arcades of the late 1800s - one of earliest ways of viewing motion pictures. Participating businesses, eco designers and artists in the festival were provided with an industrial recycling bin with a challenge to transform it into a exhibit of beauty and wonder, in some way particular to their working practice. The interface was made from found objects - a coffee grinder handle and a computer mouse. Turning the handle controlled the playback of experimental animations and videos created by members of the Raw Nerve team, and were viewed through the velvet lined peephole. DigiScope was also featured in the lobby of Metropolitan University's Central House and The Houses of Parliament during Recycling Week. You can see a photo of the latter in Adbusters Sept/October 2005 edition, alongside Artmonger's piece "Bling Bin".

->Urban Music Festival 2004 / Umbro & The Prince's Trust
-> Banners | Brand Identity | Illustration | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Online Marketing Material | Sonic Branding | Website
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The Prince’s Trust Urban Music Festival took place in May 2004. It attracted 35,000 fans to Earls Court to see perfoming artists from the UK and USA, including Dizzee Rascal, Jamelia, The Streets, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and the legendary Jay-Z. The event was subsequently televised on Channel 4. Raw Nerve created a fresh, vibrant and inclusive image of urban culture which was implemented across a range of media and promotional material in the run up to the festival. The Prince’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for young people, founded the event to engage with more young people and to promote positive routes to success through urban-related activities. Raw Nerve has commenced the development of the brand for 2005.

->TMG / Reach
-> Interactive Media | Media Presentation
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Raw Nerve produced an engaging interactive media presentation for Reach on behalf of TMG. Reach is an Online Directory for Adult and Community Learning with focus on hard-to-reach groups. A high level of accessibility was provided, with audio and video content. This online demo takes a long time to load video, as this was origianlly made for CD-ROM.