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-> Shatha Ahmed
-> Graphic Design | Illustration | Project Manager
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Shatha is a designer with a strong ethical and ecological background. A long time collaborator with Raw Nerve, she also has clients in the Algarve, Philadelphia and Dubai.

Below are some examples of commercial and personal projects this Team Member has recently worked on

->Fusion / Arts Council & Leaside Regeneration
-> Brand Identity
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FUSION is a major cultural programme covering events in South East and East London throughout November 2004-March 2006. Sponsored by the Arts Council and Millennium Commission, FUSION embraces the extraordinary artistic and cultural diversity, and creative innovation to be found both in South East and East London as well as the physical regeneration of the regions.

->Greenwich Inc
-> Booklet | Brand Development | Brand Identity | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Stationary | Website
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Raw Nerve has an ongoing relationship with Greenwich Inc, and has developed the parent and sub brands each with their own distinctive style. The client wanted to consolidate the brand identities for each of its venues, and exploit the potential of the Internet. Raw Nerve undertook a comprehensive brand audit, in order to understand just what made each venue special.

->Savana’s Hair & Beauty
-> Brand Identity | Hosting | Marketing Material | Website
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Raw Nerve developed the Brand Identity for Savana's Beauty Salon across a range of media, and worked with an Interior Designer on the Salon Interior and Signage.