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-> Phoebe Jenkins
-> Exhibitions | Graphic Design | Project Manager | Website Designer
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Phoebe bridges the gap between the Design and Project Management team. She has overseen productions across a variety of disciplines including exhibition design, print as well as website development. She has also designed and produced exhibitions with Designers Block, Salone Del Mobile in Milan and The National Museum of Iceland.

Below are some examples of commercial and personal projects this Team Member has recently worked on

->Workspace Online Bazaar
-> Brand Development | Game | Interactive Media | Microsite
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Workspace Group is London’s leading provider of flexible, affordable business space to small businesses. Workspace owns and manages more than 100 business centres, each one a buzzing, thriving example of London’s small business community. The Bazaar is a showcase of this vibrant community. Raw Nerve designed and developed this highly interactive, rich media website. The user can explore various rooftop scenes to view Workspace businesses Christmas promotions as well as access their websites. There is also an online game where Father Christmas is catapulted into the air trying aiming for chimneystacks where a unique experience awaits him at each one. Search for the arcade machine to play the game... (or simply click the second link below)

->RSVP London
-> Brand Concept | Hosting | Marketing Material | Motion Graphics | Newsletter | Photography | Website
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RSVP London, a social networking initiative by the team at Raw Nerve, is a showcase for creative talents that enables interconnectivity between businesses, individuals and organisations. The project was launched in the Deptford, Greenwich and Lewisham Hub area in 2005 as a series of quarterly networking events bringing together a diverse range of creative industries in informal and relaxed settings.

The new website is a fully functioning resource with features that include a fully searchable creative services directory, media galleries and a community blog where members can publish information about exhibition, events and services,

->Deptford Design 06
-> Brand Identity | Hosting | Magazine | Marketing Material | Newsletter | Photography | Website
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Now in its fourth year, The Deptford Design Festival has become a firm local fixture, linking Deptford to the London Design Festival. Raw Nerve designed and edited the DD06 newspaper and website which accompanies the fesitval with an eclectic offering from some of London's finest designers. This weekend 18 local design practises, including Raw Nerve, will be showcasing their work in the Creekside area.

->Camden Lock
-> Book | Booklet | Marketing Material | Photography
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Camden Lock required a new booklet to promote the canalside heritage site. They were keen to represent craftspeople at work, food, recycling and ethical trading. Raw Nerve responded with photography and copy-writing which captured the essence of the bustling vibrant marketplace and iconic landmarks, which was then complimented by stylish and informative design. "The response has been fantastic!! Not just from tenants, but from pretty much anyone I show it to. It's by far the best piece of promotional material we've ever had!" William Fulford, Camden Lock Market Director

->Up Against It - a public art competition for City Growth
-> Brand Concept | Hosting | Website
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City Growth approached Raw Nerve to put forward a strategy to promote the Deptford area as an exciting place for creativity, and is home to a diverse and dynamic creative industry. The idea for a public art competition stemmed from Raw Nerve's initial consultation with City Growth about how best to represent the area.

Raw Nerve developed the public art competition concept, as well as creating the brand identity, marketing materials and project managing the competition. The winning artwork will be displayed on Deptford High Street opposite Deptford Station SE8. The website is now open for entries and voting.

->Digby Nelson
-> CMS | Hosting | Website
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Raw Nerve designed a Website with e-commerce facilities for Digby Nelson, who design and make utility chic. The company specialises in versatile linen and cotton aprons for adults and children, practical and tactile utility bags. The understanding of costume, textiles and passion for simplicity of design gives Digby Nelson products their unique qualities.

->Deptford Market
-> Book | Booklet | Brand Development | Marketing Material | Microsite | Photography | Video Production
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Deptford Markets Ltd approached Raw Nerve to designed their proposal for managing the 'Carriage Ramp' retail and market area currently in development by Cathedral beside Deptford Train Station. The bid consisted of an A4 and A3 document, a website and DVD featuring interviews with local residents and businesses in the area. Raw Nerve created much of the visual content, including photography, interviews, illustrations and diagrams.

->Workspace / Tradelink Gifts
-> Book | Booklet | Brand Development | Marketing Material | Microsite
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Raw Nerve created a concertina fold booklet and interactive microsite for Workspace. The aim was to generate general awareness of the TradeLink service, increase registrations as well as promoting businesses registered with TradeLink. It was important that the campaign achieved a cohesive visual appearance and was approachable for a broad audience base. Raw Nerve developed a clean and elegant look whereby businesses are given the main focus. Colours have been kept to a minimum so the vibrancy of the showcased companies and products shine through. A clean and un-crowded layout ensures that the products do the talking as well as appealing to the audience.

->Life Is Suite
-> Illustration | Interiors
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'Life Is Suite' is a sofa discovered in the back streets of Deptford. It has been re-upholstered so that imprinted on it, like a memory, are all the imagined stories of its life so far. To read the stories the sofa has to be explored and interacted with, lifting cushions to reveal tales and listening to sounds coming from deep within, which unravel the intimate secrets of its past.

'Life Is Suite' is currently being exhibited at Cherry Picked, in Royal Exchange (see the Cherry Picked link below).

->Freelance Hellraiser
-> Brand Development | Illustration | Website
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Raw Nerve designed and produced The Freelance Hellraiser website for Sony. The site centres around a personna for the hellraiser, a futuristic troubadour travelling the galaxy, his garb a mish mash of things found on his travels and his guise - a hare's head. The aim was to strike the balance between the future technologies and an earthy grounding to his character. The site is all about exploration, as you click on sections of his body you zoom in on different areas to reveal more detail. The site is enhanced with sound and interactive animations, as well as a detachable jukebox where you can listen to all the hellraiser tracks.

->Natural History Museum
-> Brand Development | Interactive Media | Motion Graphics
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This animation was part of Raw Nerve's pitch for the Natural History Museum. This example demonstrate how our proposed logo could be animated for an exhibition aimed at children.

->Upstart / Greenwich University
-> Book | Booklet | Brand Identity | Marketing Material
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Greenwich University has launched a new sub-brand called Upstart, a business support scheme that links university leavers or people who want to change their profession and enter the creative industry. Greenwich University approached Raw Nerve to create an identity for the scheme that was simple, fresh and had impact. Raw Nerve also designed a brochure that represented this incubating scheme in a clear and contemporary way.