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Project // The Electric Empire
Architects // Buschow Henley

Our aim was to design an imaginative mixed use scheme on a backland site within a conservation area in New Cross, London.

The Borough of Lewisham, and New Cross in particular, is gaining a reputation for its Arts Facilities and related activity via studios, workshops and galleries. It is within this context and the ‘Creative Lewisham’ initiative as a whole that the Electric Empire development seeks to build upon and enhance.

The strategy is to retain the two main existing buildings on the site so maintaining a historical continuity and placing a third newbuild block deep into the site signifying regeneration and change.

The development contains 3 principal uses;- a Café/Restaurant, 14 Residential units and 12 Home Studio units with associated car parking in a newly formed basement. The mix of uses is intended to help create a vibrant community which, with a 24 hour presence, will provide a safe and creative environment to live and work.

The quality of the external spaces and in particular the desire for every unit to have some form of external space has generated and driven the overall layout.

The retained existing buildings on the site form the basis of the character of the scheme and its from which the new build contemporary architectural language is derived. Simple, robust detailing using a limited palette of quality materials;- brick, painted timber, copper and polished aluminium form a continuity of materials from the old to the new, so integrating the scheme and further enhancing the role of the courtyard as a central focus.

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