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What is Renewal?

Renewal is more than a property development company. Our innovative schemes reflect our dedication to design excellence. Our sole aim is to create quality, best value housing that makes a real difference to the lives of those that choose to live in it.

Every Renewal site is carefully chosen; we are committed to choosing sites within areas that will truly benefit from our regenerative developments. We consult for and plan every scheme rigorously; thus realising its full potential every time.

Our imagination and creativity is underpinned with an experience of urban regeneration that is both deep and wide.

What does Renewal believe in?

Renewal believes that with each scheme, regardless of scale, we’ll be creating a new community. We recognise our responsibility in the creation of these new communities and look to considered, assured developments that can bridge social, cultural and environmental issues.

We believe that regenerative development can be a great catalyst for change. We take pride in the fact that our schemes will all be built on the same initial vision; one of improved urban environments and improved quality of life for those living within them.

We focus on schemes that will engage with those that live within them. We believe that anyone who chooses to live in our homes should feel the benefits of doing so. We want them to share our passion for what we create. We believe in working with a portfolio of the very best creative talent to ensure that quality runs through everything we do.

What does Renewal do?

Renewal is a company that constantly looks for locations whose potential can be accessed and realised by one of our schemes. We seek to bring innovative, responsive schemes to areas that need them the most. Every decision we make is informed by our dedication to design excellence. We maintain a highly skilled collaborative network of premier architects, designers and advisors. We regularly engage with both new talent and more established organisations. We never give up on our passion for quality, best value housing for our customers.

Find out more about the history of the partners

Renewal was founded by two partners; David Sullivan and Mushtaq Malik. David and Mushtaq have deep major experience of urban regeneration and, over the past twenty years, they have both worked on numerous local government projects, arts networks and commercial ventures. Their many years of public and private sector experience place them perfectly to lead on Renewal’s regenerative schemes.

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