Lots of exciting things have been happening since our last newsletter. We have been working on some really interesting projects, as well our own brand identity. We hope you like what you see and we look forward to speaking to you soon.

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The Raw Nerve Team

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Lewisham Council - 'Don't Suffer in Silence'
Book | Booklet | Illustration | Marketing Material
The Lewisham Council Environmental Health Enforcement Team receives around 8,000 complaints of nuisance each year, including rubbish, fumes, dust, smells, smoke, and noise. Raw Nerve was asked to create a leaflet, entitled 'Don't Suffer in Silence'. The design uses the strong iconic pop-art style of Roy Lichtenstein to maximise visual impact, which suits the campaign message that noise can have a big impact on health and wellbeing.

Natural History Museum
Brand Development | Interactive Media | Motion Graphics
This animation was part of Raw Nerve's pitch for the Natural History Museum. This example demonstrate how our proposed logo could be animated for an exhibition aimed at children.

LINK: Dinosaurs Diner

Deptford Design / London Design Festival
Brand Identity | Hosting | Website
Raw Nerve has designed the Brand Identity, Website and Marketing Materials for the Deptford Design Festival for the last two years. In 2005 the participants, companies and artists based in Deptford, created a book with the question 'What's So Great About SE8?'. The website showcases work from the book, information about each participant and provides information about where it can be purchased. The design remains simple but fresh so as not to conflict with the many different styles of the 22 contributors. The navigation is also designed to be simple and easy to use.

LINK: deptforddesign.co.uk

Life Is Suite
Illustration | Interiors
'Life Is Suite' is a sofa discovered in the back streets of Deptford. It has been re-upholstered so that imprinted on it, like a memory, are all the imagined stories of its life so far. To read the stories the sofa has to be explored and interacted with, lifting cushions to reveal tales and listening to sounds coming from deep within, which unravel the intimate secrets of its past. Raw Nerve exhibited 'Life Is Suite' at 100% East, a brand new multi-disciplinary design event, creating a unique focal point for creative activities during the London Design Festival.

LINK: www.raw-nerve.co.uk/lifeissuite/

The Princes Trust / English National Opera
Brand Development | E-Flyer
In December the English National Opera is staging Madam Butterfly, directed by Anthony Minghella, with 12 performances through November and December and culminating with a charity performance in aid of The Prince's Trust and ENO's Young Singers Programme, on December 16th. Raw Nerve has created an animated banner to promote the performance to sit on their website. Visually fresh and uncluttered the banner gives information about the event and booking details.

LINK: Madame Butterfly

Booklet | Brand Concept | Marketing Material
“University Talent” is a project with Brunel, Thames Valley, Westminster, Royal Holloway, Kingston, Roehampton, St Georges Universities working together to promote awareness of the talents of students, and to encourage their recruitment into small to Medium Enterprises. Raw Nerve designed the marketing materials for the campaign including Posters, Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures, Exhibition Stands.

Workspace Group
Booklet | Brand Concept | Marketing Material
Workspace are redeveloping their website to include a Tenants Extranet in order to promote the interaction between its tenants. Raw Nerve created a strategy which built on working relationships as well as enlightening tenants as to the services offered by other workspace companies. The finger puppets, which suggest having access to skills at one’s finger tips, have been distributed within marketing promotions alongside posters, postcards and HTML emails. The concept grew out of Raw Nerve’s own experience of being Workspace Tenants, and it regularly draws on resources from the other businesses located in the surrounding workspaces.

Fusion / Arts Council & Leaside Regeneration
Brand Identity
FUSION is a major cultural programme covering events in South East and East London throughout November 2004-March 2006. Sponsored by the Arts Council and Millennium Commission, FUSION embraces the extraordinary artistic and cultural diversity, and creative innovation to be found both in South East and East London as well as the physical regeneration of the regions.