A sofa is discovered in the back streets of Deptford. Sad looking, with its broken leg and ripped leather, its fate was to be left out on the streets, damp and rejected. Thinking this was not a good way for it to go, Raw Nerve took it back to the studio. It sparked the group's imagination as we considered all the things it may have experienced in its lifetime.

It could have been a child's castle or a hiding place. Perhaps it would have felt two young lovers languishing in it. Or it could have witnessed a gangster robbery or the tragedy of a failed marriage. A collection of many lost objects buried within it could have formed through the years. Or it could have remembered all the many conversations and secrets it has heard whilst inhabiting various living rooms.

Rather than the sofa being a functional object, we imagined the sofa as a living breathing thing having lived its own life, albeit unconscious to all those who had used it.

We re-upholstered the sofa so that imprinted on it, like a memory, are all the imagined stories of its life so far. The surface of the sofa is essential to the telling of the stories. To read the stories the sofa has to be explored and interacted with, lifting cushions to reveal tales and listening to sounds coming from deep within, which unravel the intimate and personal secrets of its past.


Raw Nerve will breath new life into your old sofa. We offer an initial consultancy to find out the exact requirements for the sofa you would like to re-upholster. We then interpret and transform all the collected information into graphic and typographic designs to reveal your sofa’s past memories and experiences. Alternatively, you may wish to have elements your brand identity interpreted across the surfaces.

If you are an interior designer creating a space we can design a sofa according to your concept. If you need a window display that reflects your brand or products we can design a sofa that creatively reflects your message. Alternatively if you own an old sofa that you would otherwise throw away we can discover from you all that has happened to it and recreate it’s past through bespoke designs based on the initial consultancy session. We can also source a sofa on your behalf.

If you would like a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.


100% DESIGN, 2005

Life is Suite exibited at 100% East, a brand new multi-disciplinary design event, creating a unique and exciting focal point for creative activities in East London - the heart of the UK design scene during the London Design Festival. 100% East is an offshoot of 100% Design.
22nd - 25th September.


London Fashion Week, 2006

The sofa was invited to take part in this years ON|Off fashion show that will be illuminating the London Fashion Week platform for a fresh art initiative that takes fashion to a whole new level.




We have decided not to sell the sofa at this time, as it is still in high demand one year after creation. If you are interested in commissioning a new sofa please contact us.


Rebecca Molina or Phoebe Jenkins on +44 (0) 20 8692 4343 or email


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